Choosing A Small Wine Rack To Hold Your Favorite Vino best design for your Wine cellar

Let’s face it not everyone has the space to accommodate a wine cellar in their home or apartment but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy our wine and a selection of it to choose from to compliment our meals and different palettes. Kitchen wine racks work perfectly when you have wine that will be consumed in the next few months or when you need to add a splash into your favorite meal while cooking.

Choosing A Small Kitchen Wine Rack: Table, Freestanding Or Hanging Racks?

Small Wine rack with wine bottles
Picking out the best wine rack for your kitchen will be based on the size of your kitchen, where you can place the rack and the number of bottles you want to hold. While freestanding racks can hold lots of bottles, they may take up space you rather not give up in the kitchen. Freestanding racks work perfectly in that one dark corner of the kitchen that has no use for anything else.
A table wine rack is ideal when you have plenty of counter space. You’ll need to keep the rack away from vibrations that will ruin the wine. So don’t store it near the refrigerator or on the counter above the dishwasher. You should also keep it away from varying temperatures and humidity. So don’t place it by the stove or the sink. A pantry works well as you can control the temperature and keep it dark for the wine. Or you can invest in a wine chest that is temperature controlled.
Hanging racks are another great feature for kitchens with limited space. While you may automatically think the little open spot right above the sink and below the high cabinet would be the perfect place for the rack (especially if you drink a little too much vino and drop a bottle), you need to ensure you can control the humidity there when you are using the sink faucet. Since you can hang the cabinet anywhere on the wall or the ceiling, you are sure to find the right spot that is dark and temperature controlled.

Different Styles And Materials To Wine Racks

People may say you should get a traditional wooden wine rack for your kitchen. Yet the type of material the rack is made out of will not improve the age of the wine and doesn’t really matter so long as it is sturdy enough to hold the bottles sideways without collapsing. So get wooden or metal wine racks based on your personal decor choices and your budget.
You will also find wine racks with different shaped openings: round, square, curved and “V” shaped. Again, the openings style isn’t really of importance; however you should measure the openings to ensure you can fit the wine bottle sizes you will be purchasing. Standard wine bottles are 750 mL while champagne and Burgundy bottles are larger. The depth of the opening should be 13.5 inches deep.
Drink in your favorite bubbly without tripping on cellar stairs by investing in a small kitchen wine rack. Always keep the vino flowing and your guests smiling as you become the perfect host.

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