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A bathroom is a place to retreat. A place where you can escape from your busy life, a place where your stress melts away and where you find yourself rejuvenated. For such reasons it is important to have a bathroom that reflects your taste and invites you for more than obvious reasons.

Contemporary bathroom double vanity for master bath

More and more people are opting for contemporary bathrooms these days. When renovating or designing a contemporary bathroom, it is extremely important to stay focused on your goal. A contemporary bathroom theme is primarily highlighted by geometrically shaped bathroom accessories and an achromatic color scheme. The idea is to make your bathroom as warm and inviting as possible while at the same time staying true to the contemporary styling.

Just as in the case of any other renovation project, you will get the best results only if you approach the designing of your bathroom with a solid and well drafted plan. The best way to do this is to first decide on a particular focal point. In simple words the focal point will be what grabs the attention when you enter your bathroom. It is entirely up to you to decide on the focal point. It can be anything from a modern lighting fixture to a bathtub. For the sake of advice, a lot of people decide in favor of bathroom vanity.

Contemporary Bathroom vanity set can easily act as the centerpiece of your bathroom setting.


A vanity set can easily act as the centerpiece of your bathroom setting. For this reason it is extremely important to pay attention when choosing one for your bathroom. In case if you are tight on space then it becomes even more important as if you buy a large vanity set then instead of complimenting the bathroom design, it can end up blocking the limited space.

Keep it in your mind that your goal is to choose a vanity that is modern yet alluring and warm. Proceeding in this manner will also help you in narrowing the search and will also shield you against confusing thoughts that can arise after looking at a large number of options. Another point that can help you in narrowing the search is to figure out the color and shape of the vanity that you want. You can also pre-decide on the type of storage space. Before visiting the showroom, be sure whether you want open storage vanity or closed storage vanity. If you just can’t decide on it, then we advice that you go for a combination of both. In addition to these points, you must also decide on the type of material. These days you can get bathroom vanity sets made from water proof wood to durable but light plastic. With such essential criterions decided, you will find yourself in a much less confusing and much more comfortable position. You can also read some reviews written by customers before deciding on the manufacturer.

If you don’t like any of the available options then sit down and draft your own design. You can then get this design manufactured to give your bathroom a bespoke feel.
Author : This article is written by Jordan Julian. Jordan is an interior designer and architect. He is also a freelance writer. Most of his article focus on bathroom design.
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