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So you’ve seen the possibilities that are available to create the bathroom of your dreams. What if you don’t have the budget to match? How can you create a stunning bathroom worthy for a king or queen? Here are some great suggestions that prove that you don’t have to break the bank to create a wonderful haven of calm and relaxation in your own home.

1. Bathroom Colour Scheme

Bathroom Colour Scheme cabinets sinks small tub niche in shower

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Think about the colour of your current bathroom. Is it time for a refresh? A vibrant, strong colour can make a massive statement; particularly if you create a feature wall that complements the colour scheme that you already have.

2. Words that speak thousands

There’s a great trend to have feature walls with stencils or lettering to make a real statement. Many home decorating outlets sell stencils that you can use simply and effectively. Depending on the theme and your end goal, you might be looking for a fabulous family bathroom or an oasis of calm. So how about ‘splash’ or ‘relax’ respectively?

3. Bathroom : Splash of colour

bathroom Splash tiles color  ceiling, 1 shower though, wall shelves

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If you don’t have the time or budget to completely repaint your bathroom, how about just adding some touches of colour? How about adding some zest with a bright lime feature wall? Think bathmats, matching towels and flannels. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. There are several home stores that sell towels and bathroom linen for those on a budget – and the quality is still good too.

4. Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Light gray tile for shower area Light fixtures for guest bathroom

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“One of the most simple ways to update your bathroom. It’s the little things that count – for sure”, says Jim from Choose a theme or a colour scheme. Perhaps you might choose a beach theme. The next time that you visit the beach, make sure you bring back some mementoes and display them in a glass bowl. A dish of shells or beach pebbles can be really effective. To continue the nautical theme, how about starfish?

5. All wrapped up

A very simple way of injecting a new colour and updating your bathroom without the hard work of repainting. Perhaps you’ve had the same towels and bathroom linen for many years. It’s time to give them a refresh. Choose a neutral scheme with beiges or browns for a natural look. Or how about a vivid splash of bright turquoise towels to wake up both you and your tired white bathroom. Add bath mats and toilet mats to complete the look.

6. Bathroom : Decorate-it-yourself

bathroom decorating Tile color and pattern mosaic wall

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Have you ever tried mosaics? Not just as tiles for the wall. Find yourself a shape of mirror that you would like on your wall. Choose small pieces of tiles to form a mosaic-framed edge. These can be in a particular colour scheme to suit. The beauty of mosaics is that they don’t have to be perfect. Plus you’ll have the great feeling of satisfaction that you’ve created a masterpiece in your own bathroom.

7. A bit of escapism

Whether it’s your own bathroom that is solely yours to enjoy, or perhaps a family bathroom, if you’re looking for a haven of peace – there are a few simple ways to transform it to a place of perfect calm and relaxation. One of the simplest ways is to find some tea light candles. Switch the lights off. Choose candles to match your colour scheme, perhaps a soothing aromatherapy scent too. As always, safety first, so make sure it’s positioned in a place where there is no risk of fire. Switch on some calming music, close the door and enjoy a bath with some relaxing bath essence.

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Author : Amy Rice writes about bathrooms, when not writing she enjoys walking in the countryside and swimming.

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