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Our nation has endured a heavy spell of freak flooding over the last couple of months which has left many homeowners homeless after water seeped into their homes and uprooted their lives. January saw the worst of the flooding with a 51% increase of monthly rainfall in the UK (according to the Met Office). This January was also declared the wettest since records began in many areas across the United Kingdom.

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The government has promised to spend more time and money developing better flood defences and flood protection measures but there is some valuable advice you can follow to protect your home next time the floods rear their ugly head. Here is your guide to coping with future floods following our nation’s recent freak flooding.

Forget about sandbags

Almost everywhere you looked during the flooding, people had attempted to protect their homes using sandbags. However, experts are now suggesting that they may not be as effective as we think. According to the Environment Agency, sandbags are “ineffective for groundwater flooding” as well as difficult to manoeuvre. Instead of sandbags, experts suggest using flood boards to block doorways and air brick covers as these are more effective and easier to move.

Turn it off

It may be common sense but it is essential that you turn off your gas and electricity during floods. Leaving your gas and electricity on during flooding times is extremely dangerous and can potentially cause death. It is also strongly advised that you do not touch any electrical appliances whilst standing in water as there is a real risk of electric shock or electrocution.

Call your insurer

Many people assume that they don’t need to contact their home insurance provider until their home is damaged but according to the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) you should call them “as soon as possible”.

They also suggest moving as many important possessions possible upstairs so they are protected from flood water. Instead of opting to save expensive possessions first, take all of your sentimental possessions well away from the water, as these often cannot be replaced. It’s a good idea to protect your sentimental items further by placing them in watertight plastic bags.

Make some notes

If a flood warning has been issued in your area then it is strongly advisable to write down any and all important telephone numbers so they can be found easily. Make sure you jot down your important contacts like your doctors, vets, relatives and friends as well as your insurance company. It’s also recommended that you have the Environment Agency Flood Line number to hand just in case (the number is 0845 988 1188).

Move your car

Move your car from your driveway or garage to somewhere high and dry as soon as you possibly can if forecasters are predicting heavy bouts of rainfall. If your area is flooded then it is highly unlikely that you will be taking your car out, so before the worst of the flooding hits your door, it’s a good idea to move your car to some higher ground where it will not (hopefully) suffer the same fate as your home or garden.

If your property has been affected by the recent freak flooding across the UK and you require a plumber to remedy any damaged or broken plumbing or heating appliances then get in touch with your local plumber immediately so that they can return your home (and your life!) back to normal as soon as possible.

Author : Stephen Turner is the Director of Aquatek Domestic and Commercial Plumbing & Heating Ltd who have a small team of Plumbers who are dedicated to delivering a high standard of workmanship.
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