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Whether you’re redecorating a whole house, or simply adding a fresh coat of paint to your front room, interior decoration is the easiest and most dramatic way of stamping your style onto your home.

Design magazines and internet sites like Pinterest are great for collecting ideas and matching fabrics, colours and styles. Whether you’re employing a designer to save you time, or you’re embarking on the project yourself to save money, keep in mind these important style tips to stop you going too off-piste with your creations!

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Interior Decoration : Getting Inspired with Colours And Patterns

A single pattern or colour can be the focal point for the whole house if you want. If you’re on a budget, try to select colours that match or contrast your existing furniture pieces. You can look into graphic design and print websites to find apps that show you opposite and complimentary colours. Simply add your primary colour and the app will show you colours that compliment or contrast it. At this point, it’s important to decide whether the palette is appropriate for the room it’s going to be applied in. Think carefully before you buy gallons of paint!

Considering the Room’s Layout

There are many aspects to consider besides the colour of a room: Lighting, fabrics on the windows and the floor, the furniture and the layout, all play a huge part in the overall style of a room. The layout has to be implemented in such a way that it makes efficient use of the space available, without cluttering the room.

Consider ways to maximise the beauty of a room’s features before attempting to remove them or mask them with furniture. Internal doors, windows and archways are all areas that can become a focal point for your design. Masking a home’s original features can often make a design look awkward and forced.

Making a Statement

Interior decorating is all about making a statement about your personality. This doesn’t mean you have to go all-out and buy the most expensive furniture and accessories you can get your hands on. Take a look at the accessories already in your home. Try moving things around: If you have any photographs in frames, you can remove them and update them for a modest outlay. Move paintings to different corners and dig out some of the accessories you’ve stowed away for years. Those long forgotten gifts or presents that you’ve hidden in the loft can make a comeback! You’ll be amazed at the fresh look you can create without making drastic changes.

Designing on a Budget

There really aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to great design. If you can stamp your personality onto your home whilst being sympathetic to its original features, you’ll have achieved a great interior look without a huge outlay. Just like the house itself, there’s a style and budget to suit every personality. Take your time, plan your colours and patterns carefully, and you’ll achieve your interior design dreams.

Author : Wendy Lin is a freelance writer and entrepreneur. She is a mother of 3 and enjoys painting watercolour in her free time.

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