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Many people may not see kitchen renovations as being something that they should bother much about. However, the fact is that until you really get into renovating your kitchen you probably may never know how much work it will be. So, the mistake that many people make is not planning their kitchen renovations project in advance. This as a consequence often means that people end up spending more than they should or if they are short of some money they may have to put up with not having everything they need. Below we look at a few things you should start with during the planning phase so that you’re not hit by last minute surprises.

Determine your budget

The very first step before you even consider getting your kitchen renovated should be your budget. Your budget needs to be realistic depending on the work you expect to get done. If you are not sure exactly how to calculate what your budget should be then it would be best to start by making a list of everything you want your new kitchen to have i.e. a new oven, new counter top, new cabinets etc. When this list is ready, find out how much many of these items cost, add around 30% of to the figure and you have something that you can work with. Even though we don’t advise that your kitchen’s renovation project should have a budget which is set in stone because there are many unforeseeable expenses, like for instance once everything his removed you may find out that you need to get the kitchen repainted. You may also want new tiles etc. But having a budget will help you choose what kitchen renovations you want and which you can forgo for the time being.

Get many quotes

Even though we don’t strongly advise that you get a dozen quotes from contractors and designers but it’s important that you get at least four or five quotes from leading businesses in your area. This is where having the list we talked above comes in, the list will help you relay to the contractor you hire exactly what kitchen renovations you want. The contractor or kitchen designer will then be able to give you possible suggestions and also tell you if what you want can fit within your budget. Make it a point to call in someone to take a look at your space prior to providing you with a quote, this way the figure will be more accurate.

Choose the designs you want : Tips For Planning Your Kitchen Renovations

If you are hiring a contractor you will need to tell them exactly what type of design you are leaning in favor of. However, if you are hiring a kitchen designer or an interior decorator they should be able to provide you with a few ideas out of which you can choose the one that fits your taste the best. That said it is strongly advised that you communicate what you want to the person in charge of the kitchen renovations effectively so that there is no ambiguity.

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Make sure that you get kitchen design that matches your home

You always want to get your kitchen remodeled or renovated in a way so that it matches the rest of your home. Most people make the mistake of opting for expensive kitchen designs which look out of place in their home. Consult an interior designer to make sure that he or she recommends a design that blends in well with your home’s current design unless you’re getting your entire home redone.

Schedule kitchen renovation projects for the holidays

This may seem like a no-brainer but some people don’t really consider when to renovate. However, even if you’re hiring experts its best to be around when kitchen renovations are taking place. It is futile to later realize that something was done and you didn’t want it. Construction and building is time sensitive so the sooner you can point something out the sooner it can be fixed, the more time you take the more difficult it becomes. Miton Kitchens advises that people hire kitchen renovation experts with a proven track record of doing a great job and exactly as they are told or schedule their renovations to when they are usually at home.

Author : Jonathan has been an interior designer since the early 80s. Many of the trends we see today in Australia and also Europe have been brought on by experts like him. Mark’s interior design portfolio and kitchen renovations are all about space and light. He believes that a kitchen should be large and bright so that the food cooked is happily consumed!

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