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As Murphy’s Law would have it, often the room with the most potential in your house seems to be the one that suffers from little or no natural light – whether it’s because of lack of windows, or because it faces the wrong direction or because the windows are obscured by trees – with fig trees and ivy being serial offenders here. While the room may be nice and cool over summer, you might also be left sitting in a cheerless, dark space for most of the rest of the year.
Unfortunately, adding an extra window, removing complete walls or cutting down trees are not the simple, or even achievable solutions for most of us. Instead, consider it from a decorating point of view and step up to the challenge.

Top tips to brighten up any room – These top tips will keep your gloomy room from ending up as just a storage area to be visited on a must-need basis.

White lies
Discussions go on and on about whether white walls work in small, naturally dark spaces. It is generally understood that pale colours create the illusion that a space is larger than it actually is. However, the truth is that all-white walls only make a space look bigger is actually truest when the room is already blessed with lots of natural light, has a high ceiling and is furnished with a light wooden floor.
A completely white room space which only had a relatively small amount of light coming in would only result in a grey-ish, dull-looking – and potentially depressing – room. The exact look and feel we are trying to avoid.

Going bold
To prevent the room from being too gloomy, consider painting one wall in a dark, navy blue or grey colour. The darker shade will create its own bit of magic and grab attention with its contrast to the three pale walls. Note that there are only a few dark colours that work in this situation – like chocolate browns, dark greys, blacks and blues – all of them adding their own kind of classiness.
Even for the three walls that you should (and trust me on this) leave pale, don’t think they have to be plain white and boring. By using wallpaper with metallic features, you are able to reflect even the tiniest bit of light that is present throughout the room.

Smart furniture
When accessorising the room, use as much glossy, shiny, glass and mirrored objects as you can. This will reflect whatever existing light there is, resulting in a more spacious look. For the flooring, choose polished tiles or pale coloured wood – like ash. If you prefer carpet, choose a woolly, lightly coloured shade.

A sneaky, professionals’ tip to ensure a small room doesn’t feel too dungeon-like, is to keep all the furniture and basics in a white or pastel colour. A nice look is a white sofa, combined with a glass table top and a large mirror opposite the window.
Try to find furniture that optimises floor space – like chairs with thin chair legs. Go for a vertical wall-mounted radiator in a high-gloss finish, or purchase a radiator with a mirror running its full height – saving floor space while reflecting and dispersing the light – and yes, such radiators do exist!

Bright room decoration grey wall colour scheme

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Bright room decoration
As is the rule with furniture, the same goes for interior decorating: make sure you decorate in one tone or colour palette, contrast with glass or wood finishes and remember that it’s nice to mix and match fabrics and furniture with glossy or sheen finishes. The white sofa looks great with shimmering cushions and so do the bejewelled candles on the table display.
Also, try swapping your big curtains or blinds with window films. Not only will this save space, but it will make sure that all available light is allowed into the room. If the luminosity is still too low, who said we can’t add light to where it’s needed? Go for extra lighting in the form of large lights or crystal chandeliers – above the table, next to the sofa or wall-mounted.

A brighter future
So to round up, luckily we don’t have to opt for all white and boring walls to create a bright and spacious look within a room that felt like it would never see the light of the day. A bold coloured focal wall, combined with lightly coloured, non-bulky furniture results in a room that but won’t look as dark on the eye. Decorate with glossy, shiny accessories to optimise and reflect the light available. Do this and I am certain that once what was almost a dungeon will be transformed into a bright, cheerful place.

Author : Laura writes for Jaga Home Heating. When not writing, she can often be found brightening up peoples’ days any way she can.

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