Why Don’t Americans Use Bidets? best design for your Bathroom

The citizens of the United States have long had an obsession with cleanliness and being the cleanest country in the world, which makes it rather shocking that bidets are not used more in the county. Bidets are primarily used in Europe and Japan, but they can also be found in South America and the Middle East. Italy is known to have the highest usage rate of bidets, and 97 percent of homes in the country currently have a bidet installed.

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Why Aren’t Bidets More Popular?

The lack of bidet usage in the United States mostly comes down to ignorance and a lack of space. Since most people born in the United States have never seen a bidet in person, there a lack of knowledge about the plumbing fixture. If someone were to see a bidet in a home or hotel room, not many of them would actually know how to properly use them. People in the United States have been known to reject things they do not understand without giving them a fair chance, and that is exactly what happened with bidets.

The other major factor leading to a lack of bidet usage in the United States is the lack of bathroom space. Bathrooms in the United States were designed to only hold a toilet, so there just is not any room to put in a bidet. This lack of room means that most people would have to undergo a major bathroom renovation to install a bidet, and that is ultimately a major expense most people do not want to have. If someone is interested in undergoing a bathroom renovation to install a bidet, then most home contractors can install one in any home. While most of them have probably never installed a bidet in a home, they will be able to do it with no problem because the installation is similar to a toilet.

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Advantages of Using a Bidet

The biggest advantage to using a bidet is the improved hygiene. While toilet paper may be the most popular cleaning method in the United States, it does not do a proper job of cleaning. Water from a bidet is going to provide a much better clean after using the bathroom than toilet paper ever will. Nobody would think that a plate or tablet is clean by just wiping it down with a paper towel, so there is no reason to think toilet paper can properly clean a person.

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Since bidets eliminate the need to use toilet paper, they are also a much more green option for the bathroom. An exorbitant amount of paper gets wasted by using toilet paper when there is a better method to do the same job. There are also some minor health benefits that come accompanied with bidet usage.

While the biggest drawback to using a bidet was always the high installation cost, this can no longer be an excuse. There are now high quality bidets that can be added directly to an existing toilet at the fraction of the price of a full size bidet. These add-on bidets are so easy to install that they can actually be done by the homeowner. The increase in the availability of the add-on bidet has slightly increased bidet usage in the United States, but Americans are still far being most of the world.

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